NZ Transport Agency (Angela Crean, Colin Brodie, Zachary Laurence, Murray Russell, Ian Campion, Neil Garnett, Peter Fisher) - "Innovative Weather-Activated Variable Speed Sign Trial"


Hamish Kingsbury, Abley Transportation Consultants, "Incorporating Road Safety into Vehicle Routing"



Auckland Motorway Alliance (Andrew Stevens, Rojina Baisyet, Laurence Fear) - Protecting Motorists against Wrong Way Driver

Auckland Motorway Alliance (Grant Gordon) - Innovative use of Thriebeam safety barrier

Christchurch City Council (Steffan Thomas, Tim Cheesebrough, Steve McNeill, Michael Blyleven, Angus Bargh) - An Accessible City: A collaborative approach to redesigning and increasing the safety of the transport network of a central city

EA Networks (Brendon Quinn, Greg Donaldson, Chris Cuneen, Dean Carter) – Undergrounding of power poles on SH1 and 77

NZ Transport Agency (Angela Crean, Colin Brodie, Zachary Laurence, Murray Russell, Ian Campion, Neil Garnett, Peter Fisher) - Innovative Weather-Activated Variable Speed Sign Trial

New Zealand’s premier road safety award recognising projects that exhibit exemplary innovation and effectiveness to save lives and injuries on roads – the 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Award.
The award is based on the Safe System approach.  The Safe System approach aims for a more forgiving road system that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. Under a Safe System we design the whole transport system to protect people from death and serious injury.
Under the Safe System approach, all system designers must share the responsibility for road safety outcomes. System designers include planners, engineers, parents, policy makers, enforcement officers, educators, utility providers, insurers, vehicle manufacturers and importers, the media, fleet managers and many more.
The award criteria seeks any participants in the system design to put forward proposals that show innovative thinking under one of the four pillars of the Safe System approach: Safe roads and roadsides; Safe speeds; Safe road use; Safe vehicles.
The winner or team leader of the winning team will win a trip to the 2017 ATASSA conference in the USA and industry visits.  Team members will receive official recognition of their participation in the winning project. The winning project will also be promoted by 3M and the IPENZ Transportation Group, through media and industry channels.