3M Traffic Safety Innovation Awards


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Mark Gorman
Business Development Manager

3M Australia & New Zealand

Mark will introduce everyone with a brief background to the 3M Traffic Safety Innovation awards.


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James Scully - Auckland Motorway Alliance


Level crossing safety programme – safety impact assessment

Eddie Cook – KiwiRail
Team members
Shane Turner - Stantec NZ
Shaun Bosher - Stantec NZ
Jodi Enright - Stantec NZ
Umesh Easwarapadcham - Stantec NZ


Keep Calm & Proceed Straight Ahead

Andrew Stevens - Auckland Motorway Alliance
Team members
Rojina Baisyet - Beca
Jerry Khoo - Beca
Ady Verma - Beca
Joanna Chung - WSP | Opus
Murray Parker - NZ Transport Agency

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X-NET - the use of military hardware in the fight to keep road workers safe

Jim Bernhard - Auckland Motorway Alliance
Team member
Gail Swanepoel - Auckland Motorway Alliance

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Safety MAN Road Safety Truck

Dave Boyce, NZ Trucking Association
Team Members
Carol McGeady, NZ Trucking Assoc
Rebecca Dinmore, NZ Trucking Assoc
Holly Burnett, NZ Trucking Assoc
Rob Taylor, NZ Trucking Assoc
Chris Boyce, NZ Trucking Assoc

Great experiences and also a good way to create network
— IPENZ 17 delegate