Haere Mai

The 2019 ENZ Transportation Group conference is back in Wellington, the capital city of our country. The conference promises to be bigger and bolder than ever with a diverse range of thought-provoking presentations and healthy discussions amongst industry professionals, political and technological leaders.

The topic for this year’s conference is “The Changing Face of Transport in NZ”.

Change is in the air, as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging. The current Government is committed to creating more liveable cities and thriving regions. To support this, our industry is working towards creating an efficient, modern and resilient transport system for New Zealand, across all transport modes. This system aims to improve safety, decrease congestion and increase economic growth.

This new approach is underpinned by two fundamental commitments by the Government: to address the widening infrastructure deficit in our regions, towns and cities, and to invest in the best projects, no matter what kind of transport modes they may be. The Government is committed to funding the projects that make the most difference.

With the creation of the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS) 2018, we are witnessing increased investment in regional roads, local roads, public transport, cycling and walking, as well as rapid transit and transitional rail. Stronger focus on safety is being incorporated into our road design to prevent crashes. We are also look into how we can future-proof our transport system so it is more resilient, efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Join us in March 2019.

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ENZ Transportation Group 2019

Te Papa from the water.
Photography by Amanda Rogers, ©TE PAPA

Great range of presentations plus the extra overs i.e. the Earnslaw trip, dinner etc made TG 18 great.
— IPENZ 18 delegate